Top 5 Business Career Paths You Can Look At

Business careers are quite exciting and rewarding career paths anyone can pick. With proper training and experience, a professional can easily work in different fields. Moreover, it is a cool way to improve knowledge and build a career at a high level.

There are numerous career options that you can pick from in the business sectors, and there is a wide range of excellent out in the respective fields. However, here are some businesses careers can you can choose from.

Advertising and marketing

Advertising and marketing career includes the creation of campaigns that helps a business in promoting its products and services. In this field, the main focus is building a relationship between the customer and the brand. However, several positions are part of advertising and marketing. It includes-

  • Marketing Specialist
  • Account executive
  • Search engine optimization
  • Public relation manager
  • Promotion manager
  • Media research


People with a career in economics use a theoretical and quantitative methodology that analyzes all the events within the business. However, many jobs in the economic fields require a high capability for understanding mathematics and performing analytics within the enterprise. Therefore, there are several positions in the economics career-

  • Economist
  • Actuary
  • Data Analyst
  • Researcher
  • Financial planner
  • Statistician


A finance career includes the management system of money, especially from investments, liabilities, and assets. Moreover, there are so many positions and work in this category, such as-

  • Investment Analyst
  • Financial risk analyst
  • Portfolio manager
  • Risk manager
  • Investment banker

Human resources

A human resource career generally includes a relationship between the employee and the organization. It includes people with management and knowledge of the recruitment process, the benefits, compensation, and improvement. However, there are multiple positions in the human resource field, such as-

  • Compensation and benefits manager
  • The human resource analyst
  • The human resource manager
  • Recruiter


An accounting career usually includes working with legal compliance to create accountancy reports, including financial reports, budgeting, and analyzing all the financial inputs and outputs. However, there are multiple positions available in the accounting form, such as-

  • Corporate accountant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Tax examiner
  • Auditor
  • Cost estimator
  • Account payable specialist


A career in the hospitality field focuses on travel and tourism. These career choices are quite satisfying and ensure a smooth running business. With this field, there are multiple types of jobs associated, such as-

  • Hotel manager
  • Guest relation
  • Travel agent’
  • Membership Liaison
  • Accommodation manager
  • Guest relations manager


Business careers in entertainment are thrilling and help the person explore several things. People in this field are generally responsible for making plans and executing them for the events. There are multiple jobs associated with the entertainment field, such as-

  • Event planner
  • Sports events
  • Festival director
  • Booking agents

With these career options, you can easily pick the one that suits you and your demand. If you are more into the entertainment sector, then go for jobs in them, and if you are more of a mathematics solver, then you can go for accounts. The options are plenty, but you need to choose at your convenience.

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