Types of Online Slot Machines to Know

The variety of online slots accessible has exploded in recent years, with everything from classic three-reel slots to more thrilling five-reel slots with bonus rounds and multiple paylines.

Software developers are exploring new methods to keep Slot players entertained as technology advances. 3D slots and iSlots are the most recent advances in online slots accessible on 1168สล็อต, providing a rich experience for a generation of gamers raised on video games.

Below is a quick rundown of these slot types to try.


Like the ever-popular fruit machines, online slots come in a simple to use classic format checkout 1168สล็อต to play these format.

While the aesthetics have improved over time, the playability component remains simple enough for newcomers to enjoy without thinking about it. These online fruit machines, which come in 3-reel and 5-reel versions, offer all that their land-based counterparts do.

I-Slots and themed games

The popularity of theme-based slots is one of the reasons behind online casinos’ success. The slot machines have gotten more personal and exciting by collaborating with brands and filmmakers. And, with the recent emergence of i-Slots, in which players embark on missions to collect spins and advance farther, there is an additional gaming element.


Many people do not equate slot machines with life-changing winnings, but this is not the case. When you play progressive jackpot slots, a portion of your bet goes toward a higher, ever-increasing prize that anyone can win. These jackpots grow over time to reflect multimillion-dollar payouts, and all it takes is one spin to claim them all.


Video slots, connected with themed games, feature video clips and sound bites that add to the slot playing experience and entertainment value. Depending on what the slot machine is all about, this can range from movie snippets to song performances. Video slots are best to enjoy a favorite movie or your while generating money with their ever-increasing range of games.

Virtual Reality (VR) slots

Virtual reality was only a matter of time until technology transformed the way we gamble online. Virtual betting experiences powered by Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Razer OSVR, Sony PlayStation VR, and other technologies are available now. Players can immerse themselves in the virtual world and enjoy a genuine experience similar to what they would have on the casino floor when playing VR online slots.

Multi-payline slots

Many pay lines are available in three-reel slot games (between 1 and 9). On machines with only one payline, the maximum wager is three coins, whereas, on machines with numerous paylines, the maximum bet is usually the same as the number of lines. In 5-reel slots, on the other hand, the most typical feature is that you can make up to 20 or 25 different combinations, while some go up to 200!

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